About Us

We provide small businesses from 5 to 100 users with comprehensive technology management. Starting with a plan and a road map designed to fit your needs, we will help you build a stable, reliable environment so your employees can be productive doing what they do best, not fighting with their technology. We don't sell hardware or software, we sell service. Since we have no hidden profit motive we can help you source the right products at the right price, and implement them in the way that benefits you the most. No pressure, and all the options. You decide what is best, I provide the facts.

Company History

I started my professional life at age 11 working summers for my uncle in Moses Lake at his TV repair shop. It was a great fit since I had been taking apart the family electronics long before that. I finally learned how to put them back together, and at 18 went to work for Teledyne Packard Bell in Seattle as an electronics tech. I stayed there for 20 years before the desire for new challenges hit. I was testing a revolutionary new operating system for Microsoft called "Windows 95". It was to be the biggest paradigm shift in computing ever, and I was at the forefront. I was also using my electronics skills to repair computer monitors. I eventually was contracting for a major Microsoft vendor repairing multiple truckloads of monitors every week. As the price of monitors fell, I branched out to business IT support, as it was a natural extension of my lifelong service commitment. I worked with 2 support companies in Kent, WA before taking a contract at Microsoft to work on Windows XP. Once XP was released, I went to a retail computer store in Tacoma as their network tech. When the business closed unexpectedly in 2002, I continued to service the business customers, and have many of them as clients to this day. I want to have a long term relationship with my clients, and will make sure I do what is best for you in the long run. "Frugal" is not necessarily the lowest cost, it is the highest return on investment. I try to always keep that in mind when spending your money.

Our Team
Robert M. (Bob) Groger

Lifelong Washington resident.  Enjoys most of the major vices. Recently progressed to the point he can be taken out in public for short periods. Built his reputation by having a "sixth sense" for sniffing out tough problems others can't fix.

Network Pros LLC
Serving S. King, N, Pierce counties
Maple Valley, WA
Phone: 206.718.6477
Email: bob@network-pros.com